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Quarna sopra , sui monti del lago d'orta

Quarna Sotto, on the mountains of lake Orta

Quarna Sotto is a town in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, situated on the mountains over Omegna. It is called the 'town of music', due to the production of musical instruments that has been going on for centuries.
Quarna Sotto is part of the 'Comunità montana due laghi', Cusio Mottarone and Valstrona. Quarna Sotto can be reached by the provincial road 51 also called 'Delle Quarna'. The bus-line Omegna-Quarna connects it to Omegna.

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Sport & Trekking

Mountain Bike Omegna - Quarna Sotto Map of the track >>
Salitomania Alpe Camasca da Omegna Map of the track >>
Trekking Anello di Quarna Sotto Map of the track >>
Trekking Massa del Turlo e Monte Croce da Quarna Sopra Map of the track >>
Trekking Novesso (Monte) Anello da Quarna di sotto Map of the track >>

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